Service (seva)

As a long time (19 years) student of Yoga Philosophy being of service to the world has been important part of my practice. There are essential inner values that provide ongoing  guidance along the way as I navigate life's challenges towards finding a full-filling life.  Honesty, integrity, generosity of spirit to name a few have been guiding principles for me.


Often times life requires the uses of keen discernment to avoid its many pitfalls. When I take the time to contemplate "what is the truth of this situation? Is this being helpful vs harming to self and others? Does this align with my values? Does this contribute to the world  and am I breaking any  universal laws ? ...then I find clarity toward taking right action. God is really oh so close !


Being of service, making a contribution to society at large (no matter how big or small) speaking the truth and then acting on it is part of what we are here for. There is so much grace when we are in service to others, or to the planet, so much magic can happen when right action (or even helpful action) is taken without attachment to its fruits. 

In my first career out of college as a student of Social Anthropology I became interested in people and different cultures. I worked for an international NGO working in low income communities In Africa and India and designed programs that aimed at improving the lives of others thru alleviating human poverty.  In India we worked with street children.   

When I returned to the United States, a little shattered by how much of the world lives in desperate poverty I became interested in the nature of this universe and in the nature of the human spirit and in healing and personal growth. I became a healer.  


One of the projects I like to support while in California includes being a steward of the national parks and open spaces we are so fortunate to have. I have found picking up trash to be a rewarding past time.  

I hope to remind people that true joy lies in serving others in both big and small ways and that this is what we are here for.  We truly are ALL One Being.... according to eastern philosophy, And when we are in service to others we are in service to our selves. The world needs our acts on kindness, not our arrogance, our selfless service to others, not our greediness, our generosity of spirit in the moment and not our with holding. The world and what we create it to be is our responsibility. 


Lets all just start somewhere, take some small action to address a problem in your community or assist another less fortunate community or the world at large and see how you feel. Choose something outside of needs of your immediate family. Pick a cause, decide what matters to you and  make a small contribution or a big contribution or make many tiny contributions each day!.  It all matters each and every act. Lets use our God given talents to change the world one small step at a time ! We can do this! 

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